Mayor Jeff Meyers seeks re-election

By Courtney Minter

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

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After serving as mayor for two terms, incumbent Jeff Meyers says that he is proud of where the city has gone in the eight years he has been mayor.

“I stand by my record. Things are going very well,” Meyers said. “We are fiscally stable. We have put ourselves in a very good position to take economic opportunities, to build momentum.”

In order to build the momentum, if re-elected, Meyers wants to continue to make safety the city’s first priority while developing a “strong” maintenance plan and increase development to provide employment.

“The most important issues with Shawnee I believe involves several components. My number one priority is and has always been our police and fire services and keeping our residents safe,” Meyers said. “Another thing that I think is going to be an important issue is that I want to push for economic development which broadens our tax and keeps our taxes low. It is going to be very important for us to execute for us to execute a strong street maintenance plan that is going to keep our streets top rated. “

Meyers believes that by compromising with the council he can achieve this.

“I am a person that plays the center. I am fiscally conservative, but I also know that there are times and needs to be sensible in government decision making,” Meyers said. “So you cannot just stick by the old theory of read my lips or not having the ability to see both sides and make decisions based off of common sense.”

Meyer is confident about the future of the city and his chances to win.

“We have ourselves in a position to see some great changes,” Meyers said. “I have lead this city as mayor for eight years. You can look at where the city has gone in those eight years.”

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