Marketing class welcomes guest speaker

Director of customer expectations at Perceptive Software, Lean Hawley, explains marketing in the real world


By Laura Earlenbaugh

Director of customer expectations at Perceptive Software, Leann Hawley, gives a presentation to Dianna Heffernon’s silver 1 marketing class.

During business teacher Diana Heffernon’s Marketing class on Monday, March 31, the director of customer expectations at Perceptive Software, Leann Hawley, spoke about marketing in the real world.

“I liked how she related what we were doing in the Catty Shack to what large companies like Perceptive Software are doing,” Heffernon said. “She really validated what we are doing in the marketing pathway.”

According to junior Kylie Tennis, Hawley spoke about her career journey and what she did on a regular basis. Hawley is a manager for all of the Perceptive Software departments that makes sure the customers remain loyal to the company.

“She was really sweet and a good speaker,” Tennis said. “I could tell she loved what she did and belonged in customer expectations because she was always smiling.”

Heffernon said she was very informative while talking about customer expectations which is a new department within a lot of companies. Hawley also explained how a sales professional can receive a similar salary to a regular professional job, which influenced some student’s plans for the future.

“I have always been passionate about [marketing],” Tennis said. “She helped me realize I could make a living out of it.”

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