Make-A-Wish club raises $522 during first fundraiser

For the club’s first fundraiser of the year, Make-A-Wish sold stars to students and staff

Jessi Mitchell, JAG student life editor

Make-A-Wish organized its first fundraiser of selling stars for one dollar each. Students and staff wrote their names on the stars, which were hung on seminar doors and then tallied for class cup points. At the end of the week, the club counted 522 stars sold, with the freshman class as the winners as of Monday, Sept. 12. The club will continue selling stars throughout homecoming week. 

“[The stars] represent the Make-A-Wish foundation as a whole and allow people to raise awareness and show support while fundraising,” Make-A-Wish member junior Caroline Gambill said.

Make-A-Wish members raised the money for the club’s Wish Kid Calin Strahm, an eight year old who is facing Neuroblastoma.

“He lives in the community and goes to school in the [De Soto] district, so it’s really amazing that we are able to help him out in any way we can,” Gambill said. “He used his wish this summer to go to Disney World for Jedi Training, so we are using the money raised from the stars and other fundraisers throughout the year to help replenish the funds for his trip.”

Donating to the club, junior Cody Roberston bought 25 stars to support Calin.

“I felt glad that I did it. It was kind of spontaneous, but I was really happy I made my decision,” Robertson said. “Looking back, I realized I spent quite a bit of money on the stars, but I knew it was worth it because it was for a good cause.”

With a goal to raise $5,000 this year, the club has planned a future fundraiser at the end of October.

“Our next major event is going to be a huge fundraiser for the foundation: a Halloween themed game night at Mill Valley,” Gambill said. “It’ll be open to the entire community and advertised at all the schools in the district, so we are hoping to attract a wide group of people to come support Make-A-Wish.”


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