Lizzie’s Lists of Helpful How-To’s: How to stress less

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Recently I’ve found myself busy with school work for a good portion of my day. I can’t really remember a day when I wasn’t at least a little stressed or worried about something. Overtime, I’ve been getting better with settling down and living in the present but I still get overwhelmed every now and then.

I know I can’t be the only one either. Most people need to relax and stop stressing out, so without further ado, here is how to stress less.

  1. Take more time for yourself. Most people don’t realize it but the less time you take for yourself the more stressed you will become. Try to take at least 15-30 minutes a day to do something that you enjoy.
  1. Try something you’ve been wanting to do for a while. I remember I always wanted to learn how to cook but I put it off for so long. When I finally learned how to cook I saw how fun it can be and how it eliminates stress. Trying something new can be fun and stress reducing so try it out.
  1. Get organized. Don’t know how to? Read my how to get organized blog.
  1. Talk to your family and friends. They’re either going through the same stress as you or have already gone through it so hopefully they can be empathetic and maybe even have a bit of advice.
  1. Listen to new music. Finding new artists to listen is fun and you might find some really calming music. I highly recommend chillstep. It’s a genre of music similar to dubstep in the aspect of how it is produced but it is very soothing music.
  1. Think about what is stressing you out and why. Think about how you can limit that stress and then act on it.
  1. Take a few minutes a day to just stretch and breathe. Stretching relaxes your muscles and focusing on your breathing relaxes your mind.
  1. Decide if you are overworking yourself or not. Do you feel out of control or like your life is unmanageable and you never have any time to do anything? This could mean you’re overworking yourself. Whether you are putting this pressure on yourself or your parents are putting it on you, it can be very damaging. Too much stress can have serious effects so discuss what you need to eliminate from your schedule with your parents.
  1. Make lists. I know I’ve given this advice before so if you haven’t started following it then seriously, go make a list. You’ll understand why I place so much emphasis on them after you do.
  1. Dance it off. It might seem silly but blasting some music and dancing it out can feel really relieving. So go dance and enjoy yourself.

Remember to not take everything so seriously if you find yourself super overwhelmed. One little incident won’t ruin your future. Enjoy yourselves and dance on.


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