Lizzie’s Lists of Helpful How-To’s: How to get organized

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Lizzie’s Lists of Helpful How-To’s: How to get organized

It’s that time of year again: 10 degree weather, miserable weeks of no sun or warmth and the desire to do absolutely nothing. The winter can move on sluggishly but waiting for it to drag by can make it even worse.

Now I want you to look around right now at your surroundings. Do you see piles of mess? Clothes and papers and trash clutter my floor at the moment and I have unintentionally turned my room into an obstacle course.

If you can say the same then it’s time for a fresh change. Organization can lessen stress and also keep a bored person busy. Whatever you want to organize, be it your room, your locker or your backpack, read on for tips.

1. Go through all of your school stuff and throw anything away that’s not important. Extra papers make for extra mess but be careful, if you’re not sure if you will need this paper for finals or anything else, hold onto it until you can ask your teacher.

2. Buy extra supplies if necessary. Highlighters, note cards, folders and notebooks are all super helpful to stay organized and they help with memorization. Plus, who doesn’t get super motivated to study and get organized when they get new office supplies?

3. Clean your work space. Wherever you do your homework or studying, clearing it will make it more accessible and it will also help you focus more.

4. Listen to good music while you organize and clean. Music boosts productivity and will make cleaning and organizing feel like fun, so crank up the tunes.

5. Keep a calendar or agenda. This will help you schedule studying time and important events and will help you know what you have to get done.

6. Make reminders on your phone. This is especially crucial for forgetful people. Find out how to set alarms or reminders on your phone and I promise you will feel at least fifty percent more on top of things.

7. Speaking of phones- declutter your phones, laptops and/or tablets. We use technology frequently and sometimes glancing down at a device and realizing you have 15 new emails or no more space left can be stressful. Go through and delete any apps you don’t use, pictures you don’t want and any emails you don’t need.

With these organization tips I hope you can all be successful and tackle your mess no matter how big or small. Organize on, my friends!

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