Lizzie’s Lists of Helpful How-To’s: How to beat boredom

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It’s Tuesday again my lovely readers and you know what that means, blog day. Unfortunately it is the dreadful month of February which, if you ask me, is the worst month of the entire year. There are no holidays to look forward to, unless you actually like Valentine’s Day, and the weather is cold and snowy.

While being stuck indoors with nothing to do, boredom is basically inevitable. This week I’ll be helping you beat this boredom and fill your February days with fun.

1. Clean. It might not sound that fun but if you turn on some music and get moving, being productive is a whole lot better than sitting and doing nothing. You can also make a game out of it by timing yourself to see how fast you can get done.

2. Watch videos. YouTube is the best place to do this and you’ll find yourself passing hours of time without even noticing. There are all kinds of videos from funny ones to inspirational to how-to videos. The options are endless.

3. Read. Maybe if you don’t like reading, try to find a topic you’re interested in and try it out, what you find might surprise you.

4. Learn a new skill online. The Internet is a vast place filled with everything and anything you can possibly think of. Ever want to learn how to juggle or knit? The Internet is the place to go.

5. Sleep. I love sleep, it’s refreshing and sometimes you get lucky enough to have really cool dreams. Obviously this isn’t as productive as the previous tips but it’s still a good one if you’re really bored.

6. Spend time with a friend, pet or family member. You’ll beat your boredom while simultaneously building better relationships.

7. Get organized. This one is super productive and if you need tips on how to get started click here for one of my previous blogs on how to get organized.

8. Cook new foods. It’s fun and delicious, what more can I say?

9. Look through old pictures. It’ll bring back good memories making you feel happy and might even inspire you to plan more fun events in the future.

10. Watch movies you haven’t seen in a long time. This will also bring back good memories as well as keep you entertained for hours.

11. Build a fort. Take a trip back to your childhood and live inside a sturdy blanket fort for a day. I can personally vouch for this one and say I did this the other month and it filled me with nostalgia and happiness. So seriously, go build a fort.

Hopefully this will help with your boredom, now go on and have some fun.

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