Lizzie’s Lists of Helpful How-To’s: How to be less materialistic

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We can all be guilty with being a little too involved in… well, in things. Objects like clothes and technology can inspire people, but it can also make them greedy. Objects aren’t going to stay with you the rest of your life, but your personality and who you love will.

Most people only care about receiving but shouldn’t life be about giving joy and spending time with loved ones? Here are a few tips on how to step out of today’s greedy society and work towards a less materialistic lifestyle.

1. Volunteer. Volunteering can give a very satisfying feeling when you know you’re doing good things for others in need. Want to volunteer but don’t know where to start? Ask a parent or counselor, or go to your nearest nursing home, animal shelter or homeless shelter. Also if you like kids I’m sure there are several opportunities with that as well.

2. Donate things you don’t need. Ask your parents first and once they say it is okay then go through your things. Ask yourself if you really need or even use that object. If not put it in a box and either give it to someone you know or donate it to a Good Will.

3. When shopping, ask yourself if you really need it. Not only will this save you money but it will give you a new perspective on the definition of need.

4. Be more giving. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving objects, this could mean giving smiles to strangers in the halls, giving time to talk to relatives or giving compliments to friends or siblings. There are so many ways to give that can make both you and the receiver feel better and happier from the exchange.

5. Go a day without using your phone or watching TV. This can be tough, I will admit but it will help. Part of our drive to obtain more things comes from the media. They make it seem like it’s important to have all these things because they want your money. Giving your brain a break from this pressure and advertising can do you a lot of good, even for just one day.

6. Watch inspirational movies or read touching books. Specifically I can recommend “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” This was first a book but was turned into a beautiful tear-wrenching movie. It’s a very old movie, in black and white so it might be hard to find, but if you’re ever given the chance to watch it, I would highly recommend doing so. It’s so humbling and I won’t give anything away from the plot but the story line really opens your mind. It makes you think more deeply about the worth of objects in life.

I think everyone can be more appreciative for what they have and what they can give. Remember your morals and what’s really important in life. There’s always something you can give to another so work on being kind and making smiles.

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