Literary magazine begins preparation for new publication

Literary magazine made posters to advertise the submission deadline on Tuesday, Nov. 10


By Madison Ferguson

To encourage students to submit pieces to the literary magazine, juniors Ally Saab and Emma Wilhoit create posters on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

Nora Lucas, JagWire editor-in-chief

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the literary magazine finalized a submission deadline and made posters announcing that they will now be accepting work from students.

The club will allow either hard copy or digital versions of poems, short stories, artwork and photography until Thursday, Dec. 17. To submit electronically, applicants must attach the document or image in an email to [email protected].

Over the next couple weeks, members will be advertising with posters throughout the school in order to find diverse pieces to put in the publication.

“What we really want to do is get a wide range of submissions from a wide range of students, so we’re going to be promoting that,” junior Emma Wilhoit said.

There are many positive predictions for how the magazine will turn out, and members are expecting great submissions overall.

“I think that we’re going to find a lot of excellent submissions from our students and make a magazine even better than last year’s to showcase our talent,” junior Kristen Schau said.

After submissions are collected, members will begin to work on editing and choosing what to put in the publication. Although this process does not begin until late January, many are excited to get started.

“We get to go through and determine what’s going to be best for this magazine and what’s going to interest the students of Mill Valley [most], since this is a magazine for them,” Schau said.

Literary magazine sponsor Anna Nelson expects the upcoming publication to be the most successful one yet, and hopes new changes will encourage student interest.

“Since we didn’t sell all of our copies last year, I’d probably like to produce a bigger magazine that includes more people and is a little bit longer so then we can print fewer copies of that but include more people in the magazine with our budget,” Nelson said.

Wilhoit said that the magazine serves the student body, and participation is key.

“This year, we’re going to really be working on advertising,” Wilhoit said. “[The magazine] is a resource that is available … that basically represents the wonderful creativity that this school has.”

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