Kansas is the best state to live in

Despite its bad rap, Kansas is the best place to live considering stature, relations and safety


By Abby White

Kansas is the best state to live and grow up in, according to JAG editor in chief Abby White.

Abby White, JAG editor in chief

Many people complain about how Kansas is “so boring” or that there is “nothing to do.” I however find this to be a positive. The fact that there are no beaches or mountains allows Kansas citizens to treasure the idea of traveling. By not always going to this locations, this will in turn create a sense of respect and thankfulness among Kansans. Another advantage of living in Kansas is all the things we ARE able to do and have. In Kansas, you can have suburbs, city and farm life. There are so many opportunities to have unique experiences in Kansas. The possibilities are endless in Kansas, one could grab an artisanal coffee downtown, then drive to your house in the suburbs and by dinner be at your grandparents house on the farm eating corn soup. Kansas is known for their gorgeous sunsets, this is just one aspect that makes Kansas a beautiful place to live. Although we don’t have mountains or a beach we are blessed with sunflower fields, sunsets, hills and rivers.  

Kansas is a driving competitor against all other states in sports, education, and economy. We are the birthplace of basketball. Until a year ago, we had the tallest water slide in the world. Our sports team rival all other competitors. Our baseball team was World Series Champions in 2015, the Sporting KC team was MLS champions in 2017 and both major Kansas colleges dominate the basketball court. Even without out sports, our education system makes us a competitor. Kansas is ranked 15th among all states in education according to World Population Review, making us in the top third of the country. Kansas has a dedicated education program; only 8.6% of citizens get less than a high school education, according to Town Charts. I can attest to Kansas’s education system as my school district was named best school district in Kansas. I have received an amazing education that will carry me through adulthood.  

Since there aren’t any beaches or exciting places to go, Kansan teenagers are able to grow deeper and more meaningful connections. Living in a Midwestern state teenagers never know what to do. Due to this, they drive around or just hang out with each other doing nothing. This lack of activity increases our connections and relationships.

By being smack dab in the middle of the country, we are assured safety from most dangerous natural disasters. Kansas will never experience an avalanche, hurricane, tsunami or even shark attack within the borders of their state. By being landlocked, we are privileged. Never will residents have to hurricane proof their house or spend money repairing damage from ocean related storms.

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