Junior Jon Pursell creates classical music

Pursell writes and creates his own classical music from his home music studio


By Evan Sherman

After years of piano lessons, Jon Pursell continues to hone his skills.

Zach Shrader, JagWire reporter/photographer

Despite classical music becoming less and less popular among teens, junior Jon Pursell has found a calling in writing and creating classical music.

“I write music, mainly classical music. Right now I’m focusing on making stuff for solo piano, but in the future I hope to write stuff for full orchestra,” said Pursell. “From time to time I make hip hop beats; it used to be my primary focus in music but ever since I started writing classical stuff it fell more into the secondary.”

According to Pursell, he has always been interested in classical music.

“I’ve always loved classical music, ever since I was really young. I was raised on it; I was trained as a classical pianist. Ever since then I’ve just enjoyed making it. I started one time and ever since then I’ve gotten hooked on writing classical music, and I enjoy making new things,” said Pursell.

Using his personal computer, Jon Pursell works on creating his own music on a daily basis.
Using his personal computer, junior Jon Pursell works on creating his own music on a daily basis.

Pursell said he got his inspiration for his music from other composers.

“I took inspiration from a Romantic era composer named Frédéric Chopin. He makes some really beautiful music and when I heard that I was like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna try to improvise off of him.’ And then my improv turned into independent pieces, and then I started writing those down and I found that I really enjoyed writing the song.”

Even though he’s been writing music since he was five, Pursell is refining his skills as a music writer through lessons.

“I take composition lessons from my old piano teacher – his name is Danton Arlotto – and he is a music graduate from West Chester University,” said Pursell.

Pursell said he will look to further his teaching with classes in school.

“I think any classes I can do anything even remotely related to music will definitely benefit me in the long run working on my music, especially with Steiner and all these people who have actually been to a university. They can also provide insight into future careers,” said Pursell.

According to Pursell, he spends most of his working on his music alone in his home.

“I have a music studio in my room. And when I’m not using my room. I have a grand piano in another room of my house which I go to a lot. I mainly just [make music] within my own home,” said Pursell.

Check out his music below.

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