Junior Dana Schath supports Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Schath said her thoughts align with Sanders on nearly every issue


Justin Curto, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

Who do you support for president?

I support Bernie Sanders. I think … the way it’s looking right now, there’s not a lot of great candidates to be completely honest, but I think he would definitely be the best out of all the front-runners.

What were your first impressions of Sanders as a candidate?

I started looking into it and … out of all the candidates, most of my views line up with his, like there isn’t anything about him that I really just disagree with. All around … I agree with what he thinks.

What are some of the issues you think are important going into this election that Sanders can fix?

If [one of the] Republican candidates were to become president, I think the immigration laws and how all of that is handled in the United States would just totally go bad and everything would be horrible. I like the way he handles that. And the rights of people  … like women’s rights, LGBT rights — he cares about everyone.

Why can Sanders win the Democratic nomination?

If people like high schoolers who are going to be able to vote actually do, then I think he would definitely end up winning, because he does fit more, agree more and connect more with a younger audience.

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