Jazz Band centers concert around the audience’s choice of songs

The audience voted for which songs would be played on an online survey the night of the conert


By Photo by Sarah Morgan

Holding her trombone closely, senior Kate Schau practices before the concert.

Kaitlyn Moore, JAG organizations editor

Papers were passed around to audience members as they voted which songs the jazz band would play for their 45 minute long concert hosted in the Little Theater on Monday, March 2.

According to senior Maddy Duval, the concert was not structured differently than before.

“[The concert] was different because we prepared every song in our books and then the crowd decided which songs we were going to play,” Duval said. “There was a poll online and the audience could go there and vote. Whatever got the highest rating is what we played.”

The jazz band set up a pole on Survey Monkey as well as passing out paper forms at the concert for the audience to decide what songs would be played.

While setting up the drum set, piano, chairs, stands, lights, projector and microphones alongside band director Debra Steiner and assistant band director Elliot Arpin,  the band faced some technical difficulties.

“There were a few complications with the projector which showed the poll for the songs we were going to play at the beginning,” junior Sarah Soriano said. “[Though] overall it seemed smooth sailing.”

Opinions of some students in the band were they enjoyed the style of the concert.

“It seemed to me that the concert was really laid back and not too stressful,” Soriano said. “But we still had to think about what we were playing like we always need to in order to make the song sound the best it can.”

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