JagWire reporters review local sushi places

Price, taste and presentation were taken into consideration for each location

Anika Roy, Katya Gillig, and Ally Nguyen

Price Chopper

For only $5.40, Sushi Wednesday at Price Chopper is most definitely worth the price. At most sushi restaurants, one roll consists of 6-8 individual sushi pieces while at Price Chopper, one roll, for the lower price, gives you 12. With their own sushi chef on site, the sushi is made fresh daily. This concept is great, as sushi lovers with busy lifestyles can quickly stop by for lunch. But, because the chefs only spend a few hours a day making the sushi, it is a grab-and-go situation unlike the other sushi places. This means the sushi has the possibility of sitting out for hours after it is made.

Because of this factor, one might mistakenly draw the conclusion that Price Chopper’s rolls are gross and not fresh. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the sushi was actually very flavorful and didn’t have any oddities to it. The quality was easily comparable to the more high-end restaurants we visited.The only downside to an otherwise great meal was that the temperature of the fridge holding the sushi can often make the rice very sticky, and without the proper chopstick techniques, the rolls may fall apart.

Sushi Mido

When pulling up to Sushi Mido, one might not think they are walking into a high quality sushi restaurant due to the building’s small, quaint appearance. In this case, however, the cliche that what’s on the inside is what counts was true. We paid only $7.42 for the lunch special and it was easily our most enjoyable roll. With the special, you get a roll of sushi, which usually consists of five to eight pieces, as well as a salad or a bowl of soup and two crab rangoon or an egg roll. The large amount of food for an arguably low price had already won our hearts, but once we bit into the sushi, we were sold.

Of all of the sushi places we visited, Sushi Mido was the best due to the high quality of the food and the beautiful presentation. The rolls had a great flavor that was consistently distributed throughout each bite. Due to that, it topped both Price Chopper and Ra’s as far as taste and quality. They also gained multiple points for not being too sticky, but just sticky enough to keep their shape when using chopsticks goes wrong.

Not only did Sushi Mido have the best tasting rolls, they had the best selection. The restaurant has many unique rolls that you cannot find at any other restaurants. As for the presentation of the food, the sushi is artfully arranged. It is perfectly stacked, and the sauces add the final touch. We reached a consensus that the amount of food provided, as well as the taste of the food itself, is an excellent deal for the low price.


Walking into the dark restaurant, we were excited to try the rolls here because high prices and an exclusive feel are usually a recipe for success. For $11.67 we thought it must’ve had a magical element to it. Well, as it turns out, we were completely wrong. The menu was deceptively large, but for the casual sushi eater who isn’t willing to venture into raw territory, there are few options. The sushi itself was OK as far as flavor and size, but after factoring in the price, we have come to the conclusion that Ra is not worth it and should lower its prices.




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