Jaguars win Homecoming game, 47-6

Photo by Kelsey Floyd

By Kelsey Floyd

Photo by Kelsey Floyd

Alana Flinn, Hanna Torline, sports editor, editor-in-chief

The Jaguars won their Homecoming football game against Basehor-Linwood High School on Friday, Sept. 14, 47-6.

The first touchdown of the night was scored after the Jaguars gained possession on a quick kick resulting in play starting at the 40-yard line.

Senior quarterback Skyler Windmiller kept and carried the ball inside the 30-yard line and then held and carried again on first and ten for a 27-yard touchdown run. The point after was good by junior kicker Connor Mills, bringing the score to 7-0.

“We scouted [Basehor-Linwood] all week and we knew I would be running the ball a lot,” Windmiller said. “The linemen did a great job of translating our work in practice to our work on Friday night.”

On the Bobcats’ second and eight play with five minutes left in the first quarter, senior linebacker Blake Miles intercepted the Bobcat pass and returned it to the 16-yard line.

After a reception by senior wide receiver L.J. Hatch, Windmiller carried for nine yards, scoring a second touchdown. With the kick blocked, the score became 13-0.

“In the first quarter we were able to utilize the run that allowed for us to open up our passing game to all the wide receivers,” Hatch said.

Early into the second quarter, the Bobcats scored their first touchdown of the night. After numerous short distance gains, the Bobcats scored on second and goal. Junior linebacker T.J. Phillips intercepted the ball on the attempted two-point conversion, bringing the score to 13-6.

“Those two extra points can add up in the end,” Phillips said. “It’s important to prevent those little points from contributing to the overall score.”

With nine minutes left in the second quarter, Windmiller scored his third touchdown of the night with a 34-yard run. With a failed kick, the score moved to 19-6.

With 7:55 remaining in the second quarter, Miles intercepted a pass and gained possession for the Jaguars, however, the team was unable to score.

After a few changes in possession, Windmiller scored his fourth rushing touchdown on a one-yard run, bringing the score to 26-6, after a successful kick by Mills. Neither team was able to score again in the first half.

The second half began with a 12-yard run by junior running back Nick Wilson, starting the Jaguars off on a 56-yard scoring drive that ended with a 24-yard touchdown reception by Hatch. With the extra point, the score was brought to 33-6.

After the Jaguar defense held the Bobcats on fourth down, the ball was returned to the Jaguars with 1:14 remaining in the third quarter.

A 60-yard reception by Hatch to the Bobcat eight-yard line set the Jaguars up to score. After several penalties, Windmiller rushed for his fifth and final touchdown of the night, bringing the score to 40-6 after the extra point by Mills with 11:33 left in the fourth quarter.

The defense once again held the Bobcats scoreless on the next possession, and the Jaguars gained possession on their own 29-yard line after a Bobcat punt.

Sophomore quarterback Ty Bruce then carried the Jaguars to score another touchdown with 3:53 remaining in the game, capping the score at 47-6, Jaguars.

Although neither team scored for the remainder of the game, linebacker Tyler Garrison recovered a Bobcat fumble and returned it to inside the 10-yard line, but time ran out on the clock before the Jaguars could score.

“The football team has definitely matured,” senior offensive lineman Karlton Kinley said. “We’ve started to learn our full potential. If we stay focused, we can progress.”

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