Incoming freshmen welcomed during orientation

StuCo and Student Ambassadors help students become acquainted with new school

Taylor Anderson, JAG editor-in-chief

With the guidance of StuCo members dressed in togas, 366 new freshmen entered the school for the first time as students on Wednesday, August 19. StuCo welcomed the incoming class with a pep assembly and various activities throughout the day to help the freshmen become more familiar with the school.

Senior student body president Chase Midyett and senior class president Tyler Shurley commenced the assembly with a dramatic fight scene to the popular Star Wars instrumental “Dual of the Fates” in honor of the Greek theme.

“The fight this morning was pretty intense, but my skills prevailed and I took the [win],” Midyett. “The pep assembly was a lot of fun, and I think for the most part the freshmen were getting involved.”

The pep assembly included performances by the cheer and dance teams, the teaching of the school’s fight song and alma mater, a welcome video, the traditional ‘roller coaster’ and the Hey, Hey, What Do You Say chant.

StuCo sponsor Erica Crist said being able to see all the new students for the first time made her appreciative of the older students’ welcoming attitude.

“It’s exciting,” Crist said. “I used the phrase earlier that ‘my heart was happy’ because it’s just fun to see all the upperclassmen greeting the freshmen.”

The assembly also consisted of game involving the new freshmen racing around the gym on scooter boards. In the end, freshmen Grant Rachwal and Josh Padron placed first in the final round and were awarded tickets to homecoming as their prize.

“I actually got volunteered for the game by the kid sitting next to me,” Rachwal said. “It was really fun and it was pretty exciting to win.”

The day continued with a scavenger hunt around the school in which the freshmen had to obtain signatures of various teachers who fit a requirement listed on their sheet. Freshman Nathan Sheehan took first in the hunt, and won homecoming tickets and a Mill Valley sweatshirt.

“I enjoyed the scavenger hunt and getting to see the school,” Rachwal said. “We got to learn fun things about the teachers.”

The freshmen then rotated through different activities such as school tours, team building activities, taking school photos, a club fair and a Q&A with upperclassmen in the theater. The students also traveled to each of their classes for and spent a few minutes getting to know their teachers, and ended the day with an ice cream social.

StuCo members had been planning the event throughout the summer. Crist said she felt proud of the students’ work and dedication.

“StuCo started planning in for this in July. We’ve had about six meetings, just to set everything up and decide what we were going to do,” Crist said. “It took a lot of time, but they did an awesome job.”

Midyett said freshmen orientation provided freshmen with an opportunity to become better acquainted with the school.

“I think this day is important for the freshmen because it helps them get to know the school without having upper classmen here, [which] can be a little scary,” Midyett said. “When they’re with StuCo, they feel comfortable asking us questions and it makes returning to school a lot easier.”

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