Importance of setting goals

Importance of setting goals

Amber Nguyen, JagWire web editor

As the New Year is brought in, many people make a resolution, however for most these goals are short-lived. Many people will either simply forget they made the goal or will come up with excuses for not following through with it. This problem arises from the fact that people simply do not know how to create and maintain a goal. Making, keeping, and accomplishing goals is an easy task if you know what you are doing.

The first step in goal setting is choosing and making realistic ones. It might be easier to get carried away with making grandiose plans such as losing 10 pounds in two weeks but chances are your goal will fall through. I personally set a goal to start running a mile a week. This is achievable for me but still can create a change in my lifestyle.

The second step is to pressure yourself to complete the resolution. You way you can do this by a setting a deadline that encourages you to make daily strides towards your goal. I don’t necessarily run a mile in one day, but cut them up into short distances for each day.

The third step in goal setting setting is to have a positive and determined mind set. Having confidence in your ability to achieve your resolutions makes coming up motivating easier. As I prepare to go running, I always tell myself that all this hard work and dedication will all pay off by summer.

While it may seem that your goal is impossible and you just can’t follow through with your resolution, don’t give up just yet. Because soon, when you finally achieve your goal, all the hard work and waiting will be more than worth it.

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