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I support the Second Amendment

Changing gun laws would not change the mindset of people who use them for unlawful purposes

February 11, 2016


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Guns are not a problem that needs to be solved. Yes, there have been mass shootings and murders with guns, but changing the law will not help that. Someone who plans to harm a group of people with a gun could be mentally unstable, and knowing they’re breaking the law will not change their actions. Furthermore, guns are not the only instrument that could be used to bring harm to others, not to forget that self-defense would be limited.

An attacker is aware of all punishments and obviously does not care about breaking the law. This is also shown through drug dealing, as cocaine and meth are commonly sold among citizens, even though they are illegal. People with criminal intentions will not hand over their guns because a law is passed making them illegal. The fact that these guns are passed along illegally and without documentation would also make it hard to round them all up.

If the government was magically able to take guns away from all criminals, the criminal would just use another object to kill people. Two of the worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, did not involve guns. Almost anything could be used as a weapon – even something as simple as a baseball bat – but is the government going to take away all baseball bats? No, because people use them for reasons other than harming individuals, as most law abiding, gun owning citizens use guns.

Besides not being able to get all guns from criminals, citizens would lose their guns, leaving them with weaker defense. While being attacked or robbed by an assailant with a gun, it takes time for police to respond. The victim is left to defend themselves before they could get killed or critically injured. For that reason, a gun is one of the most logical defense objects. A knife is another logical defensive weapon, but when the person attacking you has the ability to harm you from a distance, a knife may not cut it.

Regardless of restrictions, criminals will find ways to get guns. Taking away, or changing, the Second Amendment will not solve any violence because many other things could be used to hurt people. It may, however, exasperate the problem as it would restrict the protection individuals could provide for themselves. No amount of changes to the law will help that criminals do not care what stands in their way. If they want something, they won’t back down at the passing of a law. That’s why I support the Second Amendment, to protect our citizens and for the betterment of this great nation.

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