Homer’s Drive-In Review


By Photo by Miranda Miller

At Homer’s Drive-In in Leavenworth, an old-fashioned Coca-Cola decorated diner offers one of the best-dressed cheeseburgers in town. While the patty was relatively small in size, the combination of fresh butter lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a liberal amount of pickles caused you to forgive the miniscule burger itself. Needless to say, if you walk in hungry, make sure you order more than one patty on your burger.

While the burger was the star of the meal, the fries were unimpressive. They were very crispy but thoroughly under-seasoned. However, the hand-battered onion rings salvaged the side dish disappointment. They were incredibly crispy and salted to perfection. Another disappointment was the cherry shake. It is almost difficult to write a flavorful review of the shake considering it lacked so much thereof. While Homer’s is a great diner for a burger, avoid the classic shake and side of fries to save yourself the disappointment.

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