By Annie Myers

Freshman Anna Ricker, sophomore Fatima Hernandez and freshman Samantha Volkamer walk with MV Outreach during the parade.

Homecoming parade provides an entertaining experience for those involved

The homecoming parade featured 22 floats representing different extracurricular activities and classes

The student body came together to create colorful floats for each grade level, activity, sport and club. Each float displayed its creations in the homecoming parade on Wednesday, Sept. 14. The parade started at Prairie Ridge Elementary School, wove through Grey Oaks and ended back at the elementary school. It lasted a total of about 20 minutes.

This was freshman Abby White’s first time in a parade, and she rode on the freshman class float.

“[My favorite part of being in the parade was] the experience and doing it with all my friends,” White said. “[It was] fun and energizing.”

Meanwhile, senior Savannah Chappell, one of the homecoming candidates, has been in the parade since her sophomore year, and she noticed her outlook of the parade change.

“I used to watch other people in their candidate floats … but being in [the parade] is special because you get to be a part of it,” Chappell said.

Chappell also encourages other students to get involved in the parade next year.

“If you have not helped with the homecoming parade or with the class float or just been a part of that, then you should definitely try it because it’s one night of the year,” Chappell said. “It’s just a blast.”

After being in the parade, White was happy she had decided to represent her class on their float.

“[Being in the parade is] more of an experience [than watching], and you feel accomplished afterwards,” White said. “You’re happy that you did it with all your friends, and it’s just a fun experience you’re not going to be able to say you did if you didn’t do it.”

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