High school students do not have to conform to given labels

Sarah Gonzales, managing editor

High school is about the experiences, whether they are with certain people or certain activities. During high school, people find it enticing to label people.

By labeling, everyone is divided into different social classes and then high school becomes a food chain. It is important not to become the label you are supposedly given. The most important thing is that one needs to stay true to themselves, no matter what is being said.

Throughout my high school experience I have been labeled as…well, let’s just say it rhymes with witch. I always say the truth and people do not always like what I have to say. In my opinion, it is me telling the truth to those that need to hear it. The only important thing is that it does not hurt me, knowing that this is what people think of me. I remember that I know who I am and no one can change the opinion I have of myself.

A part of high school is not only letting things that are said about you roll off your back but also being independent. Everyone will have those days when they are going to hate everything and everyone, but having days to be secluded from people is sometimes a good thing. You are not always going to have your friends there to walk to class with you or build up your self esteem. The only person that can do that is you.

Let high school be four years of finding independence. Do not let what people label you as bring you down. High school is supposedly the best years of your young life; so make them the best years of your adolescent life.

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