High school athletics help to create well-rounded people

Academic performance and the future of students can be improved through sports

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Sophomore Braden Shaw strikes a pose.

Students of today’s generation are increasingly active with different hobbies and events in and out of school.  Teamwork, work ethic, responsibility and other key character traits can be gained through participating in high school athletics.

Students can be motivated to do well in school in order to stay eligible to compete. Responsibility for their performance in the classroom and in athletics prepares them for the multiple duties that they will have later in life. I have learned from my time as a runner to push myself to greater limits than I thought were possible. This can be applied to pushing myself in the classroom and striving for academic excellence.

The term “student-athlete” is used as a label for someone who must juggle the responsibilities of schoolwork as well as practices, games, and outside expectations. They must focus on their grades as well as their performance for their coaches. This can be quite a struggle for some, but those who excel in both know the importance and can put in the necessary effort. According to a study by Michigan State University, students competing in athletics perform 10 percent better in Science, Math, English and Social Studies than other students. As a student athlete myself, I have found that taking care of my schoolwork so I can improve in cross country and track is fueled by my determination to succeed.

As student athletes mature and continue to improve daily in practices, workouts and games, valuable life lessons can be learned from coaches and fellow teammates. These athletes grow together and are taught to not only improve as athletes, but as people from lessons taught by their coach who serves as a mentor. They see the fruits of their labor in success on the court, field or pitch. As they improve everyday through competition with their teammates, student athletes can learn how to overcome adversity and to work hard in all that they do.

Outside of the different life lessons and values that student athletes gain through high school athletes, sports are a way to become well-rounded. Student athletes build character from hard work and learn how to problem solve from challenges faced in competition. They excel in the classroom and maintain priorities in order to stay eligible. All of this culminates in shaping a well-rounded individual ready to succeed.

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