Guys should learn the proper way to use the restroom

Learn to flush the toilet and wash your hands


The male student population of Mill Valley seems to have a persistent issue with bathroom etiquette.

Yes. That’s right. I’m talking to you, the countless guys at this school who decide it’s a good idea to leave their unflushed pee in the urinal. Just about every guy reading this should know what I’m talking about. Every time you walk into the bathroom, at least two out of three urinals have leftover yellow excrement inside, with varying degrees of intensity. It’s also not pleasant to see it on the floor.

People have argued to me that there’s not enough time to flush during passing period. This idea is laughable. It shouldn’t be hard to take two seconds to flush the toilet.

It wouldn’t be that big of a problem if it wasn’t for the other various bathroom offenses commited by guys at this school. I can’t speak for the ladies of Mill Vallley, but I personally hit my breaking point when I recently discovered a “number two” floating in the toilet.

Really, this is just embarrassing. The little kids in elementary school know how to flush the toilet, so it shouldn’t be that difficult for high school students.

Then there’s hand washing, or lack thereof. That’s another thing that little kids can do that we have yet to grasp. A recent study from Michigan State University showed that less than 5 percent of adults wash their hands correctly. I see people who don’t wash their hands correctly every day. News flash: correctly washing your hands means using soap and not just splashing on some water. We’ve all been lazy at some point in our lives, but hygiene in the bathroom shouldn’t be one of those times.

None of this is hard. It’s inexcusable to be unable to perform these simple tasks that only take a few seconds to do. Just flush it, guys.

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