Grandstand Burgers a Sunday afternoon destination

By Sarah Fulton

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

From the outside, Grandstand Burgers, 4942 Merriam Drive, appears to be a small, but spacious restaurant. The reflective windows and red trim add a bulk to the restaurant that deceives the inside.

I was expecting to find a diner-style restaurant, with a bar near the cooking area and some booths for patrons to sit in. What I found was one small room, which was almost completely taken up by the cooking area. There was a bar for the customers to sit at, but it only had three bar stools and they barely fit at all. It is the kind of place that you hold your hands down to your side and pray that you don’t bump into an inappropriate part of someone’s body.

It took me a couple of seconds to adjust to the cramped space, but eventually I settled down and began to look at the menu. It had the standard forms of the burger as well as a deep fried burrito. I decide to go with the standard cheeseburger with a side of fries and a mushroom Swiss burger.

After placing my order I settled down into one of the barstools and began to take in the restaurant.  There was a single TV that loudly broadcasted sports. A single cook wore a baseball and chewed gum, while he buttered buns with what looked like butter from a can. Random knickknack sports memorabilia was strewn about.  A sign in a ridiculous novelty font announced that the restaurant would now begin opening at 11 a.m.

Despite all the clutter, the restaurant seemed to be doing a decent business. A constant flow of people came in and out, ordering burgers to go. It gave me hope that maybe my food would be so amazing that it would make the uncomfortable atmosphere worth it.

Unfortunately, it did not.  The burgers were decently sized, but overwhelmed by the buns and toppings. Overall, they were good burgers. There was a slight hint of seasoning and the meat was cooked well. They was just no “wow” factor; my mom can make better burgers and she is not a great cook.

Overall, Grandstand Burgers was average, but I can see it being a hometown favorite. It is the kind of restaurant that gains a core group of followers and it becomes their home. If you live in the area it is a great spot to hang out and get a burger on a Sunday afternoon.

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