Volleyball defeats DeSoto in all three sets

The volleyball team won against DeSoto Thursday, Oct. 13.

Maddy Welch, JagWire Writer/Photographer

Thursday, Oct. 13, the volleyball team won against De Soto in two sets. The girls won the first three of five sets with the first set being won 25-9. The second set was won 25-12; the third set was won 25-11. 

Junior Brooke Bellehumeur talks about how the connections she has with her teammates help them to perform well and have fun while playing.

“I think our biggest strengths as a team was that we had a lot of fun on and off the court and everyone just connected well to make scoring points a lot easier,” Bellehumeur said. 

Freshman Ella Florez comments on the energy and dynamics that the team had on Thursday, and how that helped their performance.

“I felt like the team showed up ready to play with lots of energy and ready to win. The setter hitter connections were very good and defense played really well,” Florez said.

Though the girls played well and won their games, junior Ava Jones shares what she thinks the team could have done better.

“Although it was an easy game we could have gotten more excited about the small points more often rather than just having the same energy the whole time,” Jones said. “We also could have stayed focused throughout the whole match and limited small errors.”

According to Jones something that has helped the team be successful this season is learning from mistakes and their work ethic.

“We are successful because I feel like we have worked hard and learned from our losses,” Jones said.

According to Bellehumeur, the team’s mindset going into games affects how they play and perform.

“If our mindset going in is that we are going to win and it’s going to be easy, then we play down to the other team’s level and make it harder on ourselves, but if we know we have to work hard then we do our best and play as a team,” Bellehumeur said.

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