By Nick Precht

The girls track team continues training on Wednesday, March 23, for their first invitational against Leavenworth at home on Tuesday, March 29.

Girls track

Last year’s record: ninth at state

First meet: Leavenworth Invitational at home on Tuesday, March 29

Coach’s perspective:

“It’s like I tell the parents every year at the parent meeting, coach Dunback and I do, that No. 1, we want our kids to achieve their potential. That’s the most important thing. Whatever it is, and that’s our job — is to find what event that they can excel at, and then when we find out what that event is, then we want them to reach their potential, whatever that is. The second thing we want to do is we want to have as many kids as we can do well at regionals so that they can go to state. We can qualify kids to go to the state track meet, then we want to do as well as we can at the state track meet. Hopefully, some of the kids will come home with home medals.” —girls head coach Mark Peck

Player’s perspective:

“Winning our 16th KVL as the girls team [would be great]. Hopefully we can place pretty well at regionals and state and all that. Get the 4×1 sustained again, even if I’m not on it.” —senior Olivia Barber

Player’s perspective:

“I’m most excited about getting better with my teammates and trying to break [personal records] from last year. Hopefully our relay teams will be good enough, since we’ve trained really hard so far, that we can make it to state and get some medals.” —senior Amber Akin

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