Girls tennis team defeated by Blue Valley Southwest 8-1

In the last match of the season singles lost 5-1 and doubles lost 3-0

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The girls tennis team lost to Blue Valley Southwest, 8-1 on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The last match of the season ended with a final of 5-1 in singles and 3-0 in doubles.

After losing to Blue Valley Southwest, senior Taylor Felshaw said the team missed an opportunity.

“Our team could have done better. It’s kind of sad to think we lost our last match of the season,” Felshaw said. “It would have been a great advantage going into regionals if we could have won this match; because we lost, [Blue Valley Southwest] will be in a seed above us [at regionals] on Saturday [Oct. 11].”

Down 3-0 the determined junior Paige Wiebe came back two games only to lose 8-3.

“It’s always tough to deal with loss especially, when you’re losing and you keep trying to win, but you still end up [with a loss],” Wiebe said. “It’s easy to give up and just let yourself lose but it’s a lot tougher to play it out.”

To qualify for state, a player must win two matches at regionals, the team’s next tournament. After all her improvement, Felshaw intends to reach her goals at regionals for her last season.

“I went in freshman year not knowing anything about tennis. I’ve improved on my tennis technique with my team on varsity, junior and senior year,” Felshaw said. “[After being] one game away from going to state last year my ultimate goal is to win those two games.”

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