Girls soccer beats Kansas City Christian

Team wins 7-0

The girls soccer team defeated Kansas City Christian 7-0 on Thursday, May 8. The team’s record is 8-6.

According to sophomore midfielder Amber Akin, the team’s victory resulted from their success in the second half.

“The first half we were struggling with passing and we were kind of playing kickball, but then once we settled down, we started connecting our passes and playing better,” Akin said.

Senior midfielder Jasmine Hitt believed teamwork contributed to winning the game.

“We did well passing to each other and we had a lot of good shots on goal,” Hitt said.

Akin said their seven goals were attributed to their patience on the field as they took their time when attempting to shoot.

“We waited to score, and it’s even more special when you build it up instead of just shooting straight away,” Akin said.

Though it did not rain at the game as predicted, according to Hitt the weather still played a part in the team’s victory.

“We did a lot better in the second half when we had the wind on our side,” Hitt said.

The girls soccer team will play their next game on Monday, May 12 against Blue Valley Southwest at home.

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