Girls Golf team dominates the Carol Gillard Invitational on Wednesday, Oct. 1

Girls golf team defeats 22 schools during Invitational.

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By Photo by Cassidy Doran

Freshman Isabella Hadden shot a thirty-five putting her in first place with partner Brittani Jenson.

The girls golf team won the Carol Gillard Invitational at the Sykes Lady Overland Park Golf Course on Wednesday, Oct. 1. The varsity first place, combined with the junior varsity second place, allowed the team to beat 22 schools and win first as a whole.

“We expected to do well. We did not expect to win it all because of the caliber of the tournament but maybe we need to raise the expectations for the program,” head girls golf coach Jack Johnson said. “We knew we were going to do well, we knew we would not finish in the bottom half but we did not know we would get first place.”

At the invitational, according to Johnson, all of the girls were paired up based on their strengths. As a pair they competed in either the Best Ball, where each player plays their own ball but they use the best score at the end, the Alternate Shot, where the players alternate who hits the ball and Scramble, where both players hit the ball from the same spot, but the best positioning is where the next tee off begins.

“It was one of the more fun tournaments that we get to play in because we got to play with another person from our team,” sophomore Meg Green said.

According to Green, she was excited to have had the experience.

“It was something we were really looking forward to as a team because we were not able to do it last year because there were conflicts with band,” Green said. “We were really glad that we got to go this year.”

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