Girls basketball wins first game of the season

The team won its away game against BVNW 44-39

Lauren Ocker, JAG editor-in-chief

The girls basketball team defeated BVNW in the first game of their season with a final score of 44-39 on Thursday, Dec. 1.

According to junior Evan Zars, the team performed well for such an early game in a different league.

“The game was really exciting and fun,” Zars said “I am really glad to win our first EKL game because we have been working really hard in practice to prepare for the new competition.”

The team needs to work on their endurance for future games, according to Zars.

“I think that we started off really strong and had a lot of energy,” Zars said. “But, throughout the game we got more and more tired so I think we need to just push through and keep the intensity up.”

Junior Adde Hinkle thought the team’s win was anticipated by hard work in practices..

“The game went really well. It was full of excitement and hard work,” Hinkle said. “It was great to win our first EKL game and make our mark on this new competitive league. We work really hard in practice to prepare and it was exciting to get the dub.”

Due to the change in coaching from coach John McFall to coach Drew Walters, the team has had to adapt to differences.
“Getting used to a new coaching style will be an obstacle to overcome,” Hinkle said. “Most of us have only known McFall’s coaching style, so it’s going to take some getting used too. I think soon it’ll click in us all and we will become a very aggressive and competitive team because of it.”

Although they have only played one game, the team learned a lot about what they need to work on for next week’s game.

“We need to continue to work really hard in practice and in every game because all of the teams we play this year are very good. I think that we will have very good competition all season,” Zars said. “Playing more as a team is something that we will need to work on to reach our full potential.”

The next game is Tuesday, Dec. 6 against SMNW on their court.

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