Girls basketball loses in sub-state title game to Olathe North

After going into overtime, the girls lost 74-56

Allison Gourd, JAG reporter

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  • While in overtime, senior Presley Barton runs toward the goal. In the second round of substate against Olathe North on Saturday, March 2 the Jags lost in overtime with a score of 74-56.

  • In the begging of the first quarter senior Claire Kaifes dribbles to the goal.

  • To get the ball to the goal, senior Claire Kaifes passes to a nearby teammate.

  • While being defended, senior Lexi Ballard attempts to get around her opposer.

  • While being closed in on by a defender, sophomore Vania Barnett passes the ball.

  • Trying to keep the ball away from an opposing team member, sophomore Kathrine Weigel runs the other way.

  • After running past opponents, freshman Emree Zars shoots a layup.

  • In an attempt to shoot the ball, junior Ella Shurley runs past a defender.

  • Trying to get to the basket, senior Lexi Ballard makes a hard drive past defenders.

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The girls basketball team lost the sub-state championship on Sat. March 2 against Olathe North.

The first quarter ended 13-12 Jags.

Sophomore Vania Barnett believes the team was able to play with strong teamwork.

“Besides the plays, there wasn’t much strategy,” Barnett said. “It was more encouragement towards each other, and how we got through to each other through talking and listening.”

With half ending 24-23 Jags, coach Drew Walters pumped the girls back up for the second half.

“You need to get out there and fight,” Walters said. “Fight for what’s yours to take.”

As the game went on, Barnett believes that the girls played well, but specifically the third quarter.

“[During the third quarter], you started to see real competition from both teams, and they really started to battle,” Barnett said. “Tonight, I saw pure passion for the game.”

As the fourth quarter ended in a tie, 55-55, the girls went into overtime.

The Jaguars could not prevail, falling 74-56. They ended the season with a 14-6 record.

Barnett is sad to see the seniors leave, but believes they were great teammates.

“[The seniors] worked so hard to make everyone feel included, worked hard in every practice and made every team dinner one to remember,” Barnett said. “It makes me sad to say goodbye to [the seniors], but they will be remembered as the most loving and supportive teammates ever.”

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