Girls basketball defeats Leavenworth 34-26

The girls defeated Leavenworth Friday, Jan. 21 with a final score of 34-26

Lauren Cannata and Lily Godfrey

The girls varsity basketball team faced off against Leavenworth High School, winning 34-26 Friday, Jan. 21. This win made their record 5-4 at almost the halfway point of the season.

The team has seen huge improvement in comparison to their performance last year, according to head coach Adam Runyan.

“This is my first year at Mill Valley, but based on what I saw on film last year they finished the season 3-16,” Runyan said. “They’ve improved so dramatically. They’ve put the league on notice that Mill Valley will come to play every night. This isn’t last year’s team, this team is here to take on any challenge thrown at them and they’re prepared to fight everyday to meet that challenge.”

Runyan explains his pride in the improvements he has seen each of the girls make

“I’m most proud of two things with the girls this season,” Runyan said. “First, their ability to fight through adversity and not let adversity take them out of what we do. We have a motto this year ‘Never Break,’ and they never do. Second, I’m proud of who they are as people. They are an amazing group to coach and I’m proud of them and who they are every day.”

The team demonstrated their skills and fought for their win on Friday, according to senior Emree Zars.

“I am definitely proud of the outcome of our game. We got another win and gave ourselves a winning record,” Zars said. “It was by far one of our worst and unlucky games scoring wise, but I am so proud of how everyone responded.”

Though proud, Zars feels there is room for improvement amongst the team.

“I think as a whole we really played together and again stayed positive,” Zars said. “It was not our best game offensively for sure but defensively we really brought energy. I think the team just needs to be confident in their shots and continue to shoot at practice to give ourselves more opportunities to score in games because we definitely have the talent to do so.”

Also seeing minor room for improvement, Runyan is looking forward to increasing the team’s and his own abilities.

“As a coach I just need to continue to approach each day knowing I can learn and get better and that our team can do the same,” Runyan said. “The thing we continue to work on every day is just being consistent in what we do. We have improved so much over the last few months. I’m continually impressed with these girls.”

All and all, Runyan thinks the team seems to have a successful season ahead of them.

“We are never satisfied. We are continually hungry,” Runyan said. “We want to be better today than we were yesterday and be better tomorrow than we were today.”

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