Georgetown Pharmacy’s Soda Fountain a true gem

By Courtney Minter

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

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After wading through a sea of Medicare-approved recliners and support hose, I finally find my destination, an old-timey soda fountain. Located in Georgetown Pharmacy, 5605 Merriam Drive, the Soda Fountain is a truly a unique stop. It is separated from the pharmacy by only an arch way and a change in décor. With wood floors, wood chairs, wood tables, wood counter and a wood-paneled shelving unit the fountain is not exactly what I imagined a true ‘50s replica to look like, but it gives a similar effect.

I took a seat on one of the bar stools lining the counter and began dissecting my options. The menu was full, offering everything from the expected sandwiches and ice cream to the unexpected espresso. There were the traditional drinks like milkshakes and floats and some options I had never heard of, like Egg Cream and a Green River.

Not wanting to go travel too far out of my comfort zone I decided on a root beer float and a banana split. As soon as I had decided a man appeared from the back, took my order and immediately began making it.

To make the root beer float, he poured root beer from the tap into a tall, chilled mug and hand scooped the vanilla ice cream from a deep freeze. It was a beautiful sight. The two scoops of ice cream stayed on, creating a nice, fizzy mixture, where the ice cream melted into the carbonation of the root beer. The ice cream was good, but nothing special. The root beer was oddly light tasting, definitely not name brand. I could not decide if I liked it or not. It did not taste bad by any means, it was just unique.

The root beer float may have been unique, but the banana split was one-of-a-kind. Like the float, it was served in a glass dish and it had the same vanilla ice cream, but that is where the similarities ended. The split started with an entire banana, sliced in half and place in the bottom of the dish. Then came three large scoops of ice cream that were placed equal distances apart on top of the banana. Each scoop of ice cream received a different flavor topping, strawberry, chocolate and caramel. Then as a finishing touch each ice cream scoop received its own squirt of whip cream and its own cherry. It was massive, definitely a two person endeavor, and delicious. I will be making another trip to the soda fountain just so I can order the split again.

I think everyone should at least make one trip to Georgetown Pharmacy. It is a truly unique experience.

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