Winter Formal Dance held Saturday, Feb. 26

After its initial postponement in January, StuCo hosted the first ever “Winter Formal” dance in the auxiliary gym

Amy Hill, Alayna Dill, and Sophie Sena

After being rescheduled due to inclement weather and rising COVID-19 cases in January, the Winter Formal, was held on Saturday, Feb. 26 and lasted from 8 PM to 11PM. During the dance, many students enjoyed the festivities and music as well as the company of their friends and fellow classmates. 

The winter dance has always had the tradition of being a Sadie Hawkins dance, a dance where girls are supposed to ask guys to be their dates. This tradition has been around for a long time and is seen at many schools in an attempt to flip the normalcy of men asking women to accompany them to dances.

However, this year, there seemed to be a lack of this tradition to be seen. In fact, there seemed to be a lack of couples at the dance overall, with many people choosing to attend the dance with a group of friends rather than a date.

Attendees often attend dinner before their dance with either their group or a date so they can socialize more and gain energy for the night ahead. Some people choose places that are close while others, like sophomore Lanie Dewitte and her group, chose to dine a bit further away. 

“My group went to Brio on the plaza…it was really fun but kind of awkward because some people had dates and some people didn’t,” Dewitte said.

This year’s WOCO also seemed to be less exciting for some of the attendees, such as junior Halie Becerra. 

“I liked it, the music was okay, but I wish there were more tables to put my stuff down. Compared to the others this one wasn’t quite as fun but we still had a good time,” Becerra said.

When it comes to impressions of the night, Dewitte had similar views of the dance. 

“I feel like the music wasn’t as good as past dances and there weren’t as many people but there were cookies this time so that made up for it,” Dewitte said

Nevertheless, many people still attended and had a great time listening to music, talking with friends and taking photos to document the vibrant, fun-filled night, such as senior Ty Allenbrand.

“I went in a group of 10 people. It was very fun to have a big group of people,” Allenbrand said.

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