Gallery: Students rehearse Once Upon A Mattress

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at lunch or from drama teacher Jon Copeland

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  • As Winifred, played by senior Lucy Graff, is introduced, she is lifted up in the air as she sings during dress rehearsal for Once Upon A Mattress on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

  • Before the start of dress rehearsal, the Mackie cast gives each other a hug in support for one another.

  • At the beginning of the show, the wizard, played by junior Annie Bogart, and a princess, played by sophomore Sophie Hannam, the princess is put through trials to see if she’ll be the prince’s wife.

  • While singing In "A Little While," Sir Harry, played by senior Blake Aerni, and Lady Larkin, played by junior Analise Wilhauk, share the spotlight.

  • Dancing on stage in "Shy," senior student choreographer Josie Hayes performs in her last musical at Mill Valley.

  • The wizard, played by junior Annie Bogart, stomps in the background.

  • On stage, the minstrel, played by senior Nathan Sheehan, and King Sextimus, played by senior James Ball, act alongside the jester, junior Lauren O’Neal, to form a trio of friends.

  • Winnifred, played by senior Ashlyn Windmiller, sings "Swamps of Home" up on stage.

  • On centerstage, Lady Larkin, played by junior Analise Wilhauk, and the jester, played by Lauren O’Neal, share a scene where they plot Lady Larkin’s escape.

  • Showing Winifred’s strength, senior Ashlyn Windmiller lifts a makeshift weight.

  • Seniors Noah Smith and Ashlyn Windmiller, who play Prince Dauntless and Winifred, act together as the show’s leads.

  • Singing a lullaby as a bird in a cage, senior Jessie Coleman performs during the bedtime scene.

  • With her arms held up high, senior Josie Hayes dances in a scene with other princesses.

  • Opening the musical, junior Aidan Thomas plays the wizard, who tests a princess played by senior Ally Appl.

  • In the spotlight, senior Lucy Graff, who plays the lead, Winifred, has all the attention on her the night of the royal ball.

  • Right as the royal ball begins, everyone invited start to dance.

  • Winifred, played by senior Lucy Graff, dances with commoners during the royal ball.

  • Looking up in anger, Winifred, played by senior Lucy Graff, sings.

  • Beginning to sing, the jester, played by Claire Segura, locks arms with senior Allen Vilchis.

  • Thrusting her fist up in the air, junior Angelina Rico sings along with people who work in the kingdom.

  • The king, played by senior Jack Jaworski, tries to nonverbally explain explain the situation to the jester.

  • The princesses from different kingdoms watch as a princess gets tested to see if she is eligible to marry the prince.

  • At the royal ball, the prince, played by sophomore Leif Campbell, dances hand in hand with his potential wife.

  • During dinner time, the queen, played by senior Lindsey Edwards, feeds her son chocolate pudding.

  • Swaying her arms side-to-side, senior Veronica Dervin dances in a scene with other princesses.

  • When the queen throws the bib the wrong way, the waitress, played by junior Angelina Rico, makes an irritated face.

  • As the king and queen argue, the knight, played by senior Blake Aerni, and princess, played by senior Veronica Dervin, listen to them.

  • Shaking his hands in the air, sophomore Leif Campbell looks up during a dancing scene.

  • After being sent away by the queen, senior Ally Appl cries.

  • While the wizard interviews a princess, the jester, played by senior Claire Segura, cringes as the princess answers the question wrong.

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