Gallery: Students’ involvement through various outlets boosts school pride

Libby Mullican, JAG editor in chief

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  • With their hands around their mouths, the student section ends the Relay for Life pep assembly by chanting “Let's go Jags” Friday, March 29. The “Hey Hey Whaddya Say” chant has been a longstanding tradition with the student body. Senior Johannes Seberger believes it is what makes the student section at the school unique. “The call and response set up of the ‘Hey Hey Whaddya Say’ chant makes people have to participate. It is a way for everyone to be a part of the school and its’ environment,” Seberger said. “While this chant is short, it makes people get involved at the school even though it is in a small way. It shows the pride you have for your school.”

  • As an initiative to spread kindness throughout the school and raising autism awareness, freshman Kelly Doyle hands out cookies for her club MV Outreach Thursday, April 18. Doyle and other members of the club set up a booth in the main foyer in order to give cookies to students as they entered the school. “While it is a small and kind gesture, I think that handing out sweets is a way to make people’s day better. It is a good way to boost student morale and get involved in our mission,” Doyle said. “Most people think that school spirit is screaming at the top of your lungs at a football game, but it is also in giving back to the school and making high school better for the student body.”

  • Anchoring for the daily announcements, sophomore Emma Hookstra ends the MVTV episode with “We are Mill Valley” Thursday, April 18. As a reminder to students to uphold the character of a jaguar, all announcements throughout the day end with the phrase. “I think that it is something that is unique to our school, not everyone does something like that,” Hookstra said. “The phrase just reminds you that you are at Mill Valley. I am very honored to be one of the people to say this phrase because it gives me, and everyone who hears it, a sense of school pride.”

  • Singing along to “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, sophomore Nichole Crist pulls an underclassman into the dancing circle Friday, March 29. Crist was a part of the Relay For Life leadership committee and was in charge of making sure everyone had fun at the event. “I saw that some people were kind of pushed out of the circle, and I really wanted them to join in on the fun,” Crist said. “As a leader in our school, I wanted to let everyone know that showing school spirit, whether it be by dancing ridiculously with friends or wearing a goofy outfit, is welcomed here.”

  • Representing the senior class Friday, March 29, seniors Veronica Dervin, Lucy Graff and Sarah Gawith perform during open mic night. To hype up the crowd, the trio choreographed a dance along with lip syncing to the song. “No one was volunteering to hype people up so my friends and I wanted to get the water warm. I didn’t mind being the person to start because I am very outgoing and strive to make the environment more comfortable for people to get involved in funny ways,” Graff said. “I think expressing yourself and showing your true colors, even if it is really silly, can make the environment more comfortable for people to participate in school activities.”

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