Gallery: Girls and boys cross country win their first 6A regional meet

The team will compete at state, which will be hosted by Rim Rock Farm on Saturday, Oct. 27

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  • Holding the boys 6A first place regional plaque up in the air, senior Matt Turner smiles at junior Darius Hightower at Johnson County Community College on Saturday, Oct. 20.

  • Leading the pack of runners, the girls prevent the other competitors from getting to the front.

  • With 100 meters left, freshman Katie Schwartzkopf sprints down the runway, earning first place.

  • Picking up her pace, sophomore Molly Ricker runs to the finish line.

  • Hitting the mile mark, senior Delaney Kemp, juniors Molly Haymaker and Morgan Koca and sophomore Molly Ricker run in a pack.

  • Beginning the second lap of the course, sophomore Josie Taylor keeps a steady pace. Taylor placed tenth.

  • Focusing on the finish line mark, junior Morgan Koca sprints the rest of the way.

  • At the halfway mark of the course, freshman Katie Schwartzkopf picks up her pace to maintain her first place.

  • Reaching the finish line, junior Jenna Walker prepares to stop. Walker placed eleventh.

  • As sophomore Josie Taylor finishes her race, freshman Katie Schwartzkopf smiles as they hug.

  • Walking up the field after their race, teammates that came to support run up to hug and congratulate the girls.

  • After the race, sophomore Josie Taylor smiles as senior Caroline Rutledge embraces her.

  • Engulfing her mom in a hug, junior Molly Haymaker smiles for a picture.

  • After the girls race, head coach Chris McAfee talks to senior Delaney Kemp and junior Morgan Koca about their first 6A regional win.

  • Before the 6A boys race begins, head coach Chris McAfee gives them a pep talk.

  • Once the race starts, the boys run down the hill, merging together at the front.

  • Striding out, the boys try to take the lead of the group of runners as the race starts.

  • Running down the straight away, the boys continue to lead the pack of runners.

  • Hitting the two mile mark, junior Darius Hightower keeps his pace to stay in the front. Hightower placed fourth.

  • Approaching the downhill, junior Josh Mansfield tries to keep ahead of the Leavenworth runner.

  • Looking up, junior Nathan Greenfield focuses on the upcoming curve of the course. Greenfield placed tenth.

  • At the halfway point of the race, junior Darius Hightower keeps his pace to stay in front of other competitors.

  • Keeping his eyes up, junior Josh Mansfield focuses on trying to get ahead of his opponents. Mansfield placed twenty-eighth.

  • Rounding a curve, junior Jack Terry tries to stay with a group of runners. Terry placed third.

  • Sprinting downhill, sophomore Carsyn Turpin takes the lead of the pack he was running with.

  • Trying to keep up with his opponent, senior Matt Turner speeds up as he runs downhill. Turner placed sixth.

  • Trying to beat the Shawnee Mission East opponent to the finish line, sophomore Carsyn Turpin picks up his pace. Turpin placed twentieth.

  • Less than 100 meters from the finish line, junior Nick Schmidt picks up his pace. Schmidt placed seventeenth.

  • As junior Molly Haymaker goes up to receive her medal, she hugs sophomore Josie Taylor on the way. Haymaker placed fourth.

  • Going up to receive her third place medal, junior Morgan Koca hugs sophomore Molly Ricker. Kemp placed sixth and Ricker placed fifth.

  • Beaming with happiness, juniors Molly Haymaker and Morgan Koca hug freshman Katie Schwartzkopf as she goes up to receive her first place medal.

  • With the girls 6A regional championship plaque in her hands, freshman Bridget Roy grins in excitement.

  • After winning the 6A regional meet, the boys and girls cross country team take a picture together with the plaques.

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