Freshman snowboards actively throughout the year

Freshman Bryce Dean makes numerous trips to Colorado to snowboard during the winter


Standing on top of Copper Mountain in Frisco, Colo., freshman Bryce Dean prepares to descend down on his snowboard.

Dean began snowboarding after his snowboarding lessons from frequent trips to Colorado.

“I went down to Colorado a lot,” Dean said. “My grandparents paid for us to have an instructor and I just kept going from there.”

Dean became more familiar with the sport through lots of practice.

“You just learn it and if you get hurt, you try not to get hurt the next time,” Dean said.

Dean likes many things about snowboarding, including some factors that go along with the experience.

“Going up the lift is pretty fun,” Dean said. “I also like going fast, flying past people down the mountain.”

Dean specifically remembers when he began to board on a special track for skiing and snowboarding.

“The first time I went on a terrain park I was surprised that I actually could [snowboard on it],” Dean said.

One of the impacts snowboarding has had on Dean’s life has been injuries.

“I’ve had minor injuries, “Dean said. “ I have gotten a lot of wrist and ankles injuries.”


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