French students celebrate US National French Week

French NHS members and French IV students commemorated the week Monday, Nov. 4 through Sunday, Nov. 10 with events


By Isabel Aerni

Students celebrate National French Week from Monday, Nov. 4 through Friday, Nov. 8 during seminar, with different activities every day.

Anastasia O'Brien, JagWire reporter/photographer

French NHS students and French IV students worked together on the planning and organization for their National French Week events, such as a community event day, a food day, a trivia day, music day and an art day. French IV students received a grade and French NHS members received community service hours for their contributions.

French IV student senior Makayla Deines helped plan out what the students would be doing each day of the week to celebrate the French culture and language.

“Each day you do something different with the French culture and learn something new,” Deines said. 

The trivia, art and music days were all part of the students’ goal to educate other students who participated in a fun way.

Members of French NHS like sophomore Cameron Long wanted to show people what the French culture was like and help others learn more about the French language. 

“National French Week is an overall fun way to learn something so fascinating,” Long said.

On the community event day, the group of French students went to Monticello Trails Middle School and taught the seventh graders basic French concepts. Since the French program at Mill Valley is very small in comparison to the Spanish program, the main goal this week was to educate and to interest people in French. 

“The best part of the week is just being able to hang out with other people who like the language and the culture and teaching others about it,” Long said.

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