Food truck review: Indios Carbonsitos


By Photo by Adri Talavera

At Indios Carbonsitos, you won’t find traditional Mexican food. Instead, this truck adds a barbecue flare to Mexican street food, creating a distinctly different flavor they call Mexi-Q.

The truck serves everything from tostadas to sloppy Joes. They also carry more proper “meals” like their Camarones Enchilados, which consists of two grilled shrimp skewers served atop cilantro lime rice. When I tried it, the shrimp were seasoned well, although they were quite spicy. The rice, however, didn’t have much flavor but was decent considering it was street food.

My biggest complaint would be the portability of the food, as it was served in a Styrofoam container and had to be eaten with a fork, which is not good when you want to be able to eat and walk around. The shrimp were also inconvenient, as they had to be pulled off their skewers and their tails also had to be taken off, which was quite a hassle while standing up.

Even though the truck’s Mexican food is not as authentic as elsewhere, they still attempt to create a good atmosphere by serving Mexican soft drinks, including fruit-flavored Jarritos (a soda popular in Mexico) and glass bottles of Mexican Coke. While their food was not the best, Indios Carbonsitos does strive for originality, and succeeds at that.

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