Fondness of high school came after realizing what was missing

Emily Johnson, opinions editor

This is the last opportunity I will ever have to share my opinion through this publication and, at first, I had absolutely no idea what to write about. There are so many things that I want to say to my teachers and friends, but I simply don’t have enough space for it. In fact, many things about my high school career have been defined by not having enough of something.

As a freshman, I didn’t have enough maturity. Everyone viewed my classmates and me as immature, goofy freshman who could only hope to be as cool and successful as the older students.

As a sophomore, I didn’t have enough influence. There were tons of clubs I wanted to join and changes I wanted to make but I hadn’t proven myself just yet.

As a junior, I didn’t have enough freedom. The days of curfews and being grounded seemed to be well behind me but the freedom of college was still far out of reach.

And as a senior, I haven’t had enough time. It’s funny how drastically my perspective has changed throughout the last four years as I grew from an awkward, unsure 15 year old to a confident 18 year old with plans and expectations for my future.

But despite all of my preparation for the years to come, I can’t shake the feeling that I didn’t get enough time at this school. I have enjoyed my career here so completely that I almost, almost hate to leave when I’m just being able to appreciate it.

It is hard to see, when you are still an underclassman, how truly lucky we are to attend a school with teachers who really care about their subjects and students, athletic and academic programs that see success year after year and a community that keeps us safe and shows us so much support.

I wish that I could spend more time enjoying those things and forming more memories here, but the future calls. Pretty soon I will be a college student who doesn’t have enough money and, after that, an adult who doesn’t have enough fun. But until then, what I have is just enough.

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