First Fridays review: Blue Gallery Contemporary Fine Art

Art galleries may not be the most popular place to visit as a teenager, but giving a few a chance, such as Blue Gallery Contemporary Fine Art, will enlighten the artistic senses in anyone, young or old.

Featured among many art galleries at First Fridays, Blue Gallery Contemporary Fine Art is a place one might not think to give another glance. The gallery itself is relatively small and features certain artists for a few months. Currently, Blue Gallery is featuring artists Ruth Shively, John Folsom and Hyunmee Lee until June 2. During First Fridays, the crowd can seem overbearing in such a bright, tight place. Despite this, the low-key vibe that the gallery elicits allows for the viewer to enjoy the artwork.

In the end, it is the art that makes visiting a gallery worthwhile. Shively’s charcoal drawings explore the depth of vulnerability. Folsom uses square panels, oil and wax to create a beautiful and idealic landscape. It is only Lee’s simplistic acrylic paintings that feel out of place. As a result, the art displayed at Blue Gallery is a wide variety of art types, and gives the audience a diverse arrangement of art to look at. While a cohesive display may be more visually appealing, Blue Gallery is a great home for different artists in Kansas and Missouri.

If you are going to First Fridays, be sure to check out the mulitude of art galleries that are there, especially Blue Gallery. Catching even one exhibition will enhance the creative senses.

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