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So, in case you might have noticed, I have been pretty absent from this blog for the last few weeks. To be honest, I am very busy and Tuesday is a very early day of week, so forgive me. I have, however, come out of hiding for a good cause.

Bruce Jenner’s exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC aired this Friday and it was fantastic. Jenner finally put all the rumors surrounding his gender to rest, coming out as a transgender woman and saying he will be living his life as a woman from here on out, possibly undergoing a sex change operation in a years time.. (Jenner stated he currently prefers he/him/his pronouns.)

The interview, and Jenner in particular, was incredibly articulate. It balanced personal revelations that Jenner experienced with educational facts about being transgender, gender identity and sexuality. It brought to light the hardships that transgender people have experienced, even singling out transgender people of color.

This also gives the transgender community a chance to raise transgender awareness among a more mainstream audience. Audiences who enjoy making fun of the Kardashians cannot deny that they are using their popularity and struggles for good. All of the Kardashians have voiced their support on Twitter, including his former wife Kris Jenner. The tolerance and respect that the Kardashians have shown to such a huge change in their life is something that should be commended.

So instead of assuming Jenner is merely doing this as a publicity stunt, take this time to become more educated with what being transgender actually means. Transgender people are not weird and should be regarded with respect and tolerance.

P.S. I know I missed writing about Hillary Clinton announcing her candidacy, but I still managed to sign up to support her campaign at her website and voice my support for her. If you support her, be sure to sign up. If you don’t, thanks for still reading my blog.

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