Extended quarantine drives students to dye their hair

Sophomore Caroline Schmidt and junior Hannah Evans both used their extra free time to change their hair color

Grace McLeod and Damara Stevens

Between the extended spring break and the reduced workload that comes with continuous learning, many students struggle to keep themselves entertained while practicing social distancing. In the midst of the sudden increase of free time, a variety of students decided to dye their hair.

Sophomore Caroline Schmidt decided to dye her hair from its original light brown to a dark brown shade.

“It’s something fun to do, and hair grows back, so why not have some fun with it?” Schmidt said. “Even though it was a little darker than I anticipated, I still loved the changed look and seeing something different in the mirror.”

Hair grows back, so why not have some fun with it?”

— sophomore Caroline Schmidt

Also starting with light brown hair, junior Hannah Evans dyed the bottom half of her pink in an attempt to expel the boredom that comes with staying home.

“I was very bored and I decided dyeing my hair would be fun because no one would be able to see me for a month anyway,” Evans said. “I love how it’s something that’s different and exciting during boring times like quarantine.”

Similarly, the lockdown factored into Schmidt’s choice to dye her hair.

“The quarantine definitely had an effect on my decision,” Schmidt said. “I knew I wasn’t going to be seeing people for a while, so I thought it was the perfect time to do it.”

After she dyed her hair, the people in Schmidt’s life celebrated the change.

“My friends and family were super supportive and loved the idea of dyeing my hair,” Schmidt said. “Thankfully, I received nothing but positive comments from them.”

Evans shares her advice for anyone considering dyeing their hair.

“Educate yourself or find someone who actually knows what you are doing,” Evans said. “You could seriously damage your hair.”

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