Doughnut Factory good for a sugar high

By Sarah Fulton

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

An elderly man greeted me as I walked through the doors of Doughnut Factory, 9408 Johnson Dr in Shawnee Mission. He appeared to be the sole employee of the tiny doughnut shop and the only one that was needed.

The store was small with only enough room for the man, his doughnut trays and about four customers. There was no menu; just two signs giving the cost of regular doughnuts and “fancy doughnuts.” Not knowing what to call the doughnuts that I wanted, I ordered by location. The man chuckled a little bit as I directed him towards the cake doughnut, middle of the top row, and the football-shaped one, left side of the third row. They turned out to be a blueberry cake doughnut and raspberry filled doughnut.

The man bagged the doughnuts carefully and started to ring me up. However, we hit a snag when his debit card machine started to malfunction. He explained that the machine was so slow that it often lost the transaction in the middle. On the second try the machine took my card, but I would still recommend paying in cash.

When I finally got around to eating the doughnuts 20 minutes later, I began with the raspberry filled. It was a light tan color and was covered in a thin layer of icing. I took a bite expecting a mouthful of raspberry filling. However, I got a regular- tasting doughnut with almost no filling. While the doughnut was light, fluffy and delicious, I wanted the filling. Upon further examination I discovered that the doughnut did have filling, it was just all on one side. One side of the doughnut had almost no filling and the other had more filling than doughnut. Despite that, it was a generally good doughnut.

The blueberry cake doughnut was also a generally good doughnut. It had a dense texture and a dense flavor to match. The doughnut packed a large amount of blueberry flavor in every bite. The only thing I can really say is that it was delicious. It was a really good doughnut.

In total, my experience at the Doughnut Factory was good. The old man was nice and patient. The doughnuts were overall really good and gave me a terrific sugar high. The Doughnut Factory is worth a stop.

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