Don’t expect things in life to be handed to you on a silver platter

Working hard and learning lessons are very important in early childhood


Claire Kaifes, JAG reporter

Determination is something that is needed for your entire life; it helps you get through rough times, when I went through my parents’ divorce, determination helped me come to the conclusion that things will get better if I work to make it better. While many individuals complain about fairness and equality, I believe that one has to work their way up to where they want to be. Whether that be the leading scorer in the basketball game and performer in the school play or a promotion in your work line, nothing in life will ever be handed to you without work.

Working for what you want is a great a way to learn about determination and grit. Grit will always propel you forward and keep you from giving up on your dreams.

When things are just given to you in life, you don’t learn anything such as time management, money management or really any life skill. My parents have made me work for mostly everything in my life. From early in my life, I made lemonade stands and mowed neighbors’ lawns so I could go by snacks or drinks, which has taught me how to wisely spend my time. I have babysat and even help at my dad’s job a couple times. This work experience has allowed me to find a new look at life as well as develop teamwork and leadership skills. These skills are something you won’t get when things are handed to you easily.

Allowing someone to grow up without discipline and determination will only hurt them in the long run. I truly and honest believe that working for what you believe in is the most important part of growing up. Life will never give you anything without you working for it, therefore working and earning things for yourself at an early age is very important thing to learn in the long run of life.

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