Do not believe the global warming hype

Many climatologists over-exaggerate their claims

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Do not believe the global warming hype

Sam Hanson, JagWire reporter/photographer

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In the 1970s, scientists were convinced that the earth was on the brink of entering an extreme ice age, but as we know, it did not occur. Today, experts are now overemphasizing the idea that humans are going to kill the earth by global warming. Sure, some science has changed, but how can we believe everything that climatologists say today?

Forbes compiled a list of some of the most common myths about global warming that scientists and news sources have claimed to be true. One of the biggest concerns on the list is about how global warming has caused the sea level to rise faster than ever before. It is true that the sea level has been rising for as long as it was scientifically measured, but there is no clear evidence that the sea level began to uncharacteristically rise since the most recent global warming theory came about, according to Forbes research. To further solidify my point, a study by NASA showed that the polar ice caps have actually grown in size instead of decreasing significantly, unlike what all of the climatologists have told us to believe.

I see the issue of global warming exactly how I see the other controversial concepts of gun control and immigration; all of these topics are purely political issues that both Republicans and Democrats take a stance on when an election is coming up. Both sides are able to milk out popularity and support on these topics. Then, whoever gets elected into office never accomplishes what they said they were going to do, because when the next election comes around, they will just bring up the same exact points to get elected once again. In the end, do not believe everything that you hear about these topics, because everyone from scientists to politicians over-exaggerates their claims.

Overall, people need to know that scientists and the media love drama, and they will over-exaggerate every small fact and detail that they can to make their story more appealing. The earth has gone through many hot and cold spells over the last 100 years, and every time, scientists make it out to be the end of the world. In the next 30 years or so there will probably be another concern of a grand ice age, and when the time comes I hope our society will be smart enough not to jump to conclusions.

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