Diversity Club organizes coat drive for disadvantaged youth

Coat drive donations to be given to Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City Area


By Photo By Claire Biles

Senior Taylor Felshaw donates a coat to help her grade win class cup points.

Sarah Myers, JagWire editor-in-chief

Diversity Club organized a coat drive for this week, beginning the morning of Monday, Dec. 15 and ending after school on Wednesday, Dec. 17. Donations will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Greater Kansas City Area. Students can donate any lightly-used winter wear, such as coats, gloves, hats and scarves, before or after school in front of the counseling office. The class that donates the most winter wear will be rewarded with five class cup points.

According to senior Diversity Club president Valerie Nguyen, the club had been wanting to do something to encourage the student body to help the community during the holiday season.

“We were inspired to do this because we wanted to better our community, and it’s getting chilly outside,” Nguyen said. “What better way than to keep everyone warm?”

The Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Kansas City Area supports Kansas City youth with disadvantaged circumstances. Winter wear donations help the organization keep these disadvantaged children and teenagers safe and warm during the winter season.

“People should donate to help others who do not have the opportunity and funds to stay warm during winter,” Nguyen said. “It’s important, especially this time of year because a lot of boys and girls don’t have adequate clothing to stay warm. [Plus,] it’s great sharing the holiday cheer.”

Senior Diversity Club vice president Alex Ayala agrees that the coat drive is a good way to help others and looks forward to seeing the student body participate.

“My favorite part is knowing that our school, who is generally known for being fortunate, can come together and help others in the community who many not be as well off as [we are,]” Ayala said. “It’s a great feeling.”

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