District supports band and choir improvement

Katie Linsey, reporter

The district provided the school’s band with $135,000 worth of new instruments, which included a grand piano for the choir department.

“It was a district wide event. We kept track of growth and predicted the future number of students based on the past. We looked at what we had and the condition it was in, as well as the life span,” band teacher Debra Steiner said.

The proposal of new instruments needed was presented to the district.

“The Board of Education was good at listening to us,” Steiner said. “They realized it had been an area they were neglecting and every single one of them apologized.”

The new instruments have allowed a lot more time for Steiner to spend rehearsing.

“It makes my job easier knowing everyone has something to play,” Steiner said. “Everything is in working condition, and I spend far less time fixing things.”

Steiner has noticed a positive change in the band’s performance and attitude.

“The students have a lot more pride,” Steiner said. “The board appreciates what they do and they were recognized for that.”

Steiner notices a difference in performance. She thinks the new instruments were essential.

“It was a lot of money, but the need was definitely there,” Steiner said. “I think it’s hard for a district with two high schools to provide.”

Not only did the band get new instruments, the choir department got a grand piano.

“It was under the umbrella of the band,” choir teacher Sheree Stoppel said. “Steiner knew the need of a grand piano for us and we had a conversation about it.”

Stoppel and the choir students were both excited for the new piano.

“When the students found out, it was exciting,” Stoppel said. “They knew we need it too and it brings pride to the department.”

The new piano has a positive change on the choir’s tone, according to Stoppel.

“[The piano] has a different tone, volume, and touch. It changes the tone of the choir, making it fuller,” Stoppel said.

The piano is very advantageous at choir concerts.

“The piano is heard better by the audience and singers during concerts,” Stoppel said.

Both Steiner and Stoppel are thankful for the district’s contribution.

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