Dia de los Muertos brings excitement to Spanish classes

By Courtney Bohnert

While snacking and watching The Hunger Games, sophomore Nick Stack shared a laugh with friends.

Mikaela McCabe, JAG reporter

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The sounds of laughter filled the room as students filed through the lines of festive Spanish food in world language teacher Niti Kamath’s class on Thursday, Nov. 1.

The food was brought in as a celebration for the Spanish holiday Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which is celebrated as a happy time to remember family and close friends that passed on.

These in-class parties helped students learn about the traditions and reasons that Dia de los Muertos is honored, and that is Kamath’s most enjoyed part.

“My favorite part [of the parties] is the students learning about the culture and the holiday,” Kamath said.

One of the major traditions of Dia de los Muertos parties were the desserts. Even though some students brought cookies, there were a few that created authentic desserts.

“One student brought Tres Leches cake and it was probably the best food [at the party],” sophomore Nick Stack said.

According to Stack, the party was “awesome” and educational as well.

“I liked how they partied in grave yards,” Stack said. “It was really interesting.”

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