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A special project focusing on what makes students unique

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Senior Luke Sosaya overcomes labrum surgery
Religion has quickly changed sophomore Sydney Clarkin’s life
Selective engineering internship allows junior Landon Butler to develop his career skills
Sophomore Rachel Kurovski prevails through a difficult situation despite having an alcoholic father
After her sister’s birth, senior Charlotte Muttai finds passion in pediatrics
Freshman Aidan Thomas enjoys filming and editing videos
Senior Bryce Dean chooses career path of becoming a Marine
Junior Shanu Kaushal faces challenges in balancing two cultures
Dedication to gymnastics creates opportunities for junior Haley Minor
Fashion affects how junior Parker Johnson views himself
Sophomore Dominic Martinez becomes more accepting of himself and others after coming out as gay
Juniors Delaney Spoonemore and Payton Shurley grow closer together as stepsisters
Junior Sofía Torres-Aranda takes pride in her heritage
Ambitious freshman fencer Jadon Taylor aims to reach his full potential
Finding support in each other, juniors Alyssa and Sam Noel adapt to moving and switching schools often
After a recent mission trip to Haiti, sophomore Lindsey Edwards became more in tune with the world
Freshman Shaina Isaacsen finds passion in portraiture
Senior Marcel Meljanac finds passion in making music

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